Optimized Quad Gridshell from Stress Field and Curvature Field

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Re-mesh of any given tri-mesh into a quad-only mesh. This is achieved by integrating two conjugated vector fields.

The family of conjugated vector fields comes from a non-linear interpolation of two vector fields: one aligned to the principal curvatures and another with the principal stress direction.

This results in a tradeoff which brings edges aligned to the principal stress curves and faces being almost planar.

Freeform Reciprocal Frame System

Freeform Reciprocal Frame System

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This four day workshop was held in Salerno in September 2013 with Daniel Piker and Gennaro Senatore as tutors. The goal was to design and build a reciprocal frame system from a freeform surface, helped by the new kangaroo tools Daniel was developing. You can have an idea of what a reciprocal frame system is reading my article on Nexorade, bear in mind that traditionally these structure were conceived to work only with compression shear forces, but negative curved surfaces inevitably bring to traction shear forces, that’s why it was necessary to use plastic strings to keep the assembly together.